OCH: Time Tourism DEBUT ALBUM available now on 2xCD format & digital

OCH's music is steeped in the minimal house of artists like Ford and Dan Bell, but also the dreamy end of Detroit techno and the rolling snares and stepping beats of garage. "Time-Tourism" embodies all of these influences, but OCH also manages to inject his own personality into the tracks. From the strong double bass and steely claps of "Prince Agoo" to the blaring horns and mysterious vocal samples on the 'Dawn Mix' of the title track through the driving, disco-led "Smokem", OCH has created a work that transcends its key elements.

Leftback Volume 1 - Sampler 2

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The second of their two part 12" samplers taken from the Leftback Vol.1 mix CD featuring four previously unreleased tracks is now available in
unmixed format on vinyl.

heavyweight vinyl 12" only
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OCH: First Contact - Dreiklang, Germany

LTD edition hand-numbered, hand drawn sleeve

also feat Hydergine & Kelovolt remixes

available at: Hardwax, Clone, Phonica, Juno , LeDisque, Decks, Freebase

Played by Nick Hoppner, Hyperactive, Steve Lawler, Benjamin Damage,
John Osborne, Xpansul and many more
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OCH: Time Tourism 12" Sampler feat Marc Romboy & Baby Ford Remixes - Systematic, Germany 

Autoreply main man OCH is back, this time on Marc Romboy's Systematic with another sweet minimal house jam with sombre and dreamy keys, tight rhythm programming and catchy female vocal samples; everything you need really. The "Marc Romboy Roland Orchestra" gives the track more of a deep house vibe with its soft arpeggiated house chords and dreamy keys taking you on a nice journey. Finally the Baby Ford remix has a true master of the art give his midas touch for this restrained and bittersweet version.

Anja Schneider (Mobilee) - This is a great release from OCH and great remixes.

Catz n Dogz (Pets Recordings) - This is fantastic for us!!!

Gerd (Royal Oak) - Nice track from OCH. Great remixes too. Well done to all !

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OCH remixes Chris Geschwinder for Second Step LTD - UK

We are pleased to share with you our first vinyl only, limited press release on Second Step Records bringing you three top quality tracks two originals from a very talented gent from Frankfurt, Germany - Chris Geschwinder the EP also features a powerfull 45rpm full length remix from OCH.

A perfect combination to get us underway I think you will agree

Decks Records Germany - TIP!
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OCH presents Autoreply 20 (2x12" EP) AUTO 020

Stunningly beautiful double-pack from OCH for Autoreply Music's 20th release. Following on from output on renowned labels like PAL SL, Trelik, Bass Culture he returns to Autoreply with seven tracks of playable perfection. By focusing on stripped-back percussive grooves, sparse 909 drum-programming and ultra fine-tuned dynamics he certainly proves with tracks "Samarkand Sulci" and "Snarecrow" that the original jackin' house/techno sound will always have plenty of life and soul. "Don't Fight It" is an 8.5 minute acid builder featuring haunting vocals and crisp synths whilst the bass driven dub of "Enceladus" wouldn't be complete without live delays and distorted pianos. Check Out "Morning Glory" for a surprise contender for this years balearic soundtrack or "C Ring" for ultimate warmth. Tracks for every situation and not to be missed! SOLD OUT


OCH Remixes Laura Jones For Visionquest

Laura Jones second EP for Visionquest Eskipade takes a more serious turn for the Leeds, UK based DJ & producer. Featuring two hypnotic, rattling acid tracks together with a remix from Sweden-based techno producer OCH, this is the sound of her stepping into new shoes.

Appears On: Transitions 537 - John Digweed
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OCH: Dickens Tracks Volume 2 - PAL SL

Following on from his 2010 "Dickens Tracks" EP for Baby Ford's PAL SL, OCH drops the eagerly awaited 2nd edition to the series. As a producer his sound stands out through fusing stripped-back, jackin' drums with sharp, swinging hats always adding an injection of analog warmth through sparse, synth arrangements.

A1's "Cross Check" stays true to the labels early roots by using the bare essentials of house music to create a hypnotic, highly effective floor-mover. On the flip, "Star Of Hope" is an interlude, set-starter or vinyl DJ tool. B2's "The Magic Flute" has a relaxed, sunny Chicago feeling teasing with lush samples, driving bass and rock-solid beats. Mastered at D&M
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Leftback present their 4th release of the year by welcoming original
material from OCH, Kashawar & Matt Star alongside a new
collaborative track from label owners Michael McLardy & Dudley

The EP offers a diverse selection of deep cuts from the spacey and
dubbed out through to minimal techno and will appeal to new fans aswell as those already following the first year of Leftback.

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OCH: Force Mass Control EP (Volume 2) Systematic Recordings, Germany

Having scored releases on a staggering amount of top-shelf European
house and techno labels, OCH makes his second visit to Systematic to
follow up on the Force Mass Control EP that he dropped in the not too
distant past. This instalment finds the producer in fine fettle as he
delves into his measured and atmospheric take on pristine house and
techno. While the drums may sound a little raunchy on "Soul Burner" the haunting chord swells and poignant vocal hook add plenty of mystery to balance the track out. "Starts From Now" opts for a more concise kind of deep house, all elegiac pads and rock solid swinging groove. SOLD OUT


OCH: Force Mass Control EP (Volume 1) Systematic Recordings, Germany

Making his first appearance on Marc Romboy's Systematic imprint,
OCH throws down some ineffably weighty dub techno that does well
to avoid the horizontal trappings of the genre and instead keeps the
energy up with a rugged rhythmic structure out in front. The dubby
textures themselves on "Work Da Groove" and "Destroying Angel" are also tweaked for greater impact, dressed like industrial ghosts just as they
move like German dancers. The latter is the more militant of the two,
while "Work Da Groove" makes the most of a warm lead synth line to shed
some light on the situation. 

Played by Ryan Elliott, Norman Nodge, Norm Talley, Ame, Dave Clarke...

Joris Voorn “Excellent classic sounding techno from OCH”




    Leftback 03 EP

    Support from Dubfire, Citizen, Lo Shea, Kashawar, Ben Boe, Jordan Peak, Cinthie, Matt Star, Matthew Styles, Arapu, Jun Akimoto, Tomoki Tamura, Zoo Look, Blackhall & Bookless & more..


    OCH: Surveillance Network EP (feat SKIRT remix) - Sect, UK

    Autoreply boss OCH returns to Sect, a UK label waddling
    in the dubbier end of techno. OCH first appeared on Sect in 2011 when
    the label released It's All For You, compilation, an extensive selection
    of deeper techno cuts from artists like Jeroen Search, Jolka, AnD and
    Fanon Flowers. OCH's track "Tears" made the cut, which reappears on his latest Surveillance Network missive, only having undergone a murky Skirt remix. "Linear Progression" sees OCH's love of tribal percussion thrown in among resonators and reverb, while "Up For Lost" features unusually suitable bongo drumming pitched against filtered saw waves that sweep across the tracks face. "Shattered Dreams" closes the EP with something Disney sounding, but given the cloudy Actress treatment.
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    OCH: Roadmaster EP - All Inn, Hungary

    Decks Store Germany: Buzz Chart No1

    Technique Store Japan: Techno Chart Position 1


    JAY BLISS/OCH/EGAL 3 - Stomping Grounds 001 EP - Romania

    Heavy groovin’ 3 tracker. New imprint run by Jay Bliss, trying to find the balance between house and techno, retro and future, art and dance. 


    OCH: Improvise EP - Bass Culture, France

    Autoreply boss OCH continues to be inspired by his relocation to Sweden,
    with this 12" for D'Julz's Bass Culture adding to releases for
    Systematic and SECT so far this year. It's not hard to see why he chose
    to call the lead track "Improvise" with OCH working that lead detuned
    synth line over a neck snapping beat in a manner that translates as the
    result of creative freedom in the studio. Equally, you can probably
    guess the nature of "Ultimate DJ Tool" but OCH reserves his best work
    for the flip with "Chill Haze" primed for the darkest rooms and the
    biggest sound systems. "Ultimate Kommunikation" retains the crispness of
    drums displayed elsewhere but opts for a dubbier tone that lends the EP
    some semblance of balance.


    Jay Tripwire: Same Old Story EP (feat OCH remix)

    Future Music Magazine named Jay Tripwire alongside the likes of Frankie Knuckles, Larry heard, Charles Webster and Tom Middleton as being one of the most influential Innovators in House music. With over 250,000 vinyl sales to his name and music featuring on many of the finest and most legendary labels of today, its hard to disagree. His signature fusion of Detroit textures and intricate rhythms plus an unnerving ability of creating the freshest of jams, has seen him stand firmly at the forefront of the scene for two decades. Joining the Bass Culture roster, Jay drops an impressive debut in the Same Old Story ep. Kicking off with the deep throbbing vocal styles of the title track, Tripwire leads us on a perfect, dare we say it, trip. Through the beautifully cosmic and acid-tinged Move Your Body Feel Like This and onto the bongo-fuelled suspense of Rawlord, Jay teases us with his oldskool vocal runs. For those of you who prefer your beats Sans vocals, we even have an instrumental version of Same Old Story. Having impressed with his brace of releases for Autoreply, UK producer OCH was bagged by Bass Culture to lend his talents to reworking the title track. Going for a more minimal approach, OCH strips things back, keeps it simple and delivers an effective new look for Same Old Story.
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    Hold Youth: Jinx (OCH & San Proper Remixes) - Hold Youth 

    Tracks written & produced by Seuil & Le Loup

    The original of Jinx is a dirty & hypnotic track with an unstoppable groove.
    2 remixes complete the package : the first comes from Doctor San Proper who takes you on a voodoo Journey that won’t let you go unscathed, whilst on the flipside, Och delivers a killer modern techno-oriented 12” to thrill any dance floor.


    Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii - Taiyo (OCH remix) Systematic

    Radio Slave (Rekids) “The OCH remix is siiiiick!”

    Decks Store Germany:  Massive Japan - Germany Techno Connection - Check the OCH remix on the Flipside ...

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    OCH: Whalesong - Trelik, UK

    Groove Magazine Germany Number 1 Position Jan 2012
    Hardwax Store: Late 1980s Style NY House transformed in a killer style !

    Baby Ford's long running Trelik label enjoyed a more prolific year in
    2011 than at any time in the past decade, and Whalesong is a fitting end
    to a glorious 12 months. If you've been following Och's releases, then
    you'll know what to expect here. The title track sees the mysterious
    producer drop dubbier, full blooded beats and billowing chords over a
    surging groove, while the use of shuffling drums and a stuttering vocal
    lend the track a memorable signature. "Blind Is The Wind" is an unusual
    ambient affair thanks to the inclusion of a confused vocal, but Och
    returns to his natural habitat on "Last Chance Saloon", which features
    more of the same pumping beats and dreamy chord sequences.

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    OCH: Dickens Tracks Vol 1 - PAL SL, UK

    OCH pops up on Baby Ford's PAL SL imprint after a solid debut on
    Autoreply's offshoot Stuga Musik. Although the producer behind the Och
    pseudonym remains mysterious for now, his early productions have
    garnered support from such esteemed figures as Ame, Norman Nodge, Gerd Janson, DJ Sneak and Anthony 'Shake' Shakir, and this latest 12" is, in our humble opinions, Och's best yet. The standout track here hogs the
    entirety of the A Side, with "Bombay Bedbath" characterised by some
    beefy drums and a drowning, late night soul vocal which complements the
    rolling groove. Flip over for two wonderful B Side obscurites, namely
    the rich ambient textures of "Interlude Intuitive" and twinkling piano
    lines and moody atmospherics of "Out Of Key In". Top release.

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    OCH: Stops Out - Stuga Musik

    This release offers a response to the plethora of unimaginative,
    soulless and empty sounding minimal music that blew up out of all
    proportion in the mid 2000s. At a time when dance music is full of depth
    and feeling again, Och injects those sentiments into his minimal
    musings on this release. "Stops Out" provides the suspense, attitude,
    tension and overall musicality that minimal is often guilty of
    neglecting. The title track is engulfed in a wary tension created by
    deep bass and intense synth stabs. The atmosphere from the track rises
    up, seeping through the simple breaks and throbbing, deep techno. Cut up
    vocal edits that have an old school warehouse feel give the track even
    more personality but it is the affecting Hammond organ sample that
    really makes the centrepiece..

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    Isomer Transition (feat OCH 4am remix) Anozer, France

    Sebo K – “That Dawn Dub is a killer remix from OCH!! The original is nice too actually.”

    Ben Sims – “It’s the OCH 4am mix for me, a serious heads down groover, thx!”

    Adam Beyer – “Really like this release. The original and OCH 4am mix in particular!!”

    Rolando – “The OCH 4am mix is the one for me - That shit is HOT!!!”

    Reboot – “Ouuf!! This Dawn Dub from OCH is DOPE!!! Supporting!”

    Gary Beck – “The OCH Dawn dub is my fav here, pretty useful to have this. Cool stuff, thanks.”

    Konrad Black – “These are all BOMBS!! It’s the Dawn dub from OCH that’s my pick though.”